The Christian faith is what motivates our staff team to do what we do. A large number of our volunteers also know the life transforming power of relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and the difference this has made in their personal lives.

There is no requirement, and never has been a requirement, for anyone who uses our services to be or become a Christian. We have not and will never, refuse to help anyone because they are not interested in the Christian faith.

We love people, and unconditionally value the people we serve. If people are interested in looking into the Christian faith themselves, then this is a service we offer in line with our charitable objectives. We are careful never to apply pressure or to communicate that being a Christian is a necessity to receiving our support.

Nevertheless, we believe there is a spiritual dimension to recovery and our consideration of the spiritual needs of individuals is from the Christian perspective. Our experience has shown us that where individuals make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, and seek His support, this can have a transformational impact on their recovery journey. 

Many of our staff and volunteers have personal lived experience of the transformational impact of the Christian faith in their own recovery journey and this is a key strength of Street Connect. In view of this aspect of our approach to recovery we have an occupational requirement that our staff team are Christian. 

In line with our value of integrity, we are completely open that a spiritual dimension, specifically Christian, is a key aspect of our approach. Participants enter freely into our activities with this understanding and are free to leave at any time. Bringing people to faith as an end in itself is not, and never will be, our primary purpose. 

We recognise there are many approaches to recovery from drug and alcohol addictions and other life controlling issues. We also recognise our approach will not suit, or be effective, for every individual at any given moment, and will refer people on to more suitable services if appropriate. But our experience, over several years, demonstrates clearly and unambiguously, that for many individuals, Street Connect’s relationship-focused, client-centred and holistic approach is exactly what they require to turn their lives around and free themselves from life controlling issues. 

Statement of faith

Street Connect is a non-denominational Christian charity which is Bible-based, Jesus-centred, Spirit-led and dependent on God and the power of prayer. We are inspired by the message, life and example of Jesus through which God’s unconditional love for all people is expressed. It is because of this we are inspired to reach out in compassion and seek to help people in need.