The mission of Street Connect to offer hope and opportunity to the disadvantaged and marginalised in society is sought through a variety of means and services. Our main goal in all of these outlets is to connect with people and help them to make positive decisions for their future.



"I can't speak highly enough about what Street Connect has done for me. I was a homeless drug addict living on the streets of Glasgow and had been on drugs for over 20 years. I could see no way out until I met [a member of Street Connect staff]. When he spoke to me and offered to take me for a coffee I agreed, and it's one of the best decisions of my life, everything has changed for the better since that day. It's 10 months since then and I'm no longer on drugs, will be off my methadone soon and now have my own place. I now see a future for myself."

Number of street engagements in 2017-18 4271
Number of street engagements in 2018-19 5304



"It’s a great place. Very sincere and loving staff, great Christian environment; not regimented with rules and regulations. A great place to feel loved and wanted." (Café user, Glasgow city centre)

"I’m so glad that Street Connect come to Govan and the staff are so warm and lovely. I don’t know what I’d do if it didn’t open in the Pearce Institute... I feel safe…it’s like a big family." (Café user, Govan)

Number of cafe attendances in 2017-18 2135
Number of cafe attendances in 2018-19 7062



"All I can say is I’ve been [to One-To-One meetings] three times and had a good chat with Angela [Support Worker]. She’s so nice and understanding. She’s trying her best to help me deal with all my problems. I’ve had a lot of stuff in my life to deal with! Which I’ve not even dealt with yet. So I’ve still got a long way to go. With Angela’s help I’m sure I’ll get there."

Number of individual One-To-One participants in 2017-18 164
Number of individual One-To-One participants in 2018-19 399



"The group work keeps [me] on the right path."

"Have done the whole [group work] course…and it was great and helpful."

Number of group work attendances in 2017-18 918
Number of group work attendances in 2018-19 590



Over the last year Street Connect has been introducing a new monitoring and evaluation tool - a structured methodology for measuring the impact of our activities and the progress that individuals are making on their personal recovery journey.

Evaluation of the progress made shows the following percentages of participants showing improvements:

Drug and alcohol use


Physical health


Emotional and mental health 


Meaningful use of time


Managing Tenancy/ Accommodation



Motivation/ taking responsibility 


Self-care/ living skills 


Managing money 


Social networks/ Relationships 




For further information on our services and impact, you can view our Annual Review in  Reports

The true impact of our work is seen in the lives transformed. Please click to view some testimonies of those we have helped. TESTIMONIES