Our One-To-One consultations are a follow-up option to our first meetings with those who we make connections with or are referred to us. These consultations give us an opportunity to build a relationship with each individual and allow them to share what is happening in their lives in a confidential environment. This also gives the individual the opportunity to set goals towards their desired future.

Good to have both group work activities and also one-to-one support where you can share things more confidentially.

In addition to ongoing support we can also see which other services would best suit that individual and point them in the right direction. All one to one support is delivered by trained staff members. 

All I can say is I’ve been three times and had a good chat with Angela [Support Worker]. She’s so nice and understanding. She’s trying her best to help me deal with all my problems. I’ve had a lot of stuff in my life to deal with! Which I’ve not even dealt with yet. So I’ve still got a long way to go. With Angela’s help I’m sure I’ll get there.


We also offer a befriending program as additional support to our more focused One-To-One support. We have a number of trained volunteers who we pair up with a relevant service user. 

This helps the service user reduce their isolation whilst gaining that extra support and building more positive relationships into their lives. Research suggests that being supported by a positive social network is one of the key indicators of long-term recovery for those with drug and alcohol addictions and other life controlling issues.

Bringing this support to your community?

If you would like to request further information and discuss further with a member of our team about the possibility of starting one to one support to people in your local community, please complete the partnership enquiry form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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