With the current government advice to avoid social gatherings, we have closed all our drop-ins and community recovery groups for the foreseeable future. We recognise that the people we support will be amongst those who are the most vulnerable to infection, and so don’t want to do anything to put their health at risk. More than this, we see it as an important duty on our part to stop the spread of infection as much as we can, and this means ceasing group.  

We recognise that this is not an easy time for anyone, least of all those who are alone, have or are struggling with addiction, already struggle with social isolation and people who don’t have a permanent home. The vulnerable people we support are now even more vulnerable without their communities around them and the support that they receive from charities locally. We are not the only charity working with vulnerable groups who have been affected by these circumstances in this way, so the amount of loss of contact and support is bigger than just usSo let us be clear: we are still doing everything we safely can to support our participants.  

We are offering one-to-one appointments and community groups groups virtually, to allow us to stay connected with our participants in regularly and easily. It is so important to us that our participants don’t feel isolated from us despite having to be disconnected physically. We have also been able to provide phones and food essentials where required to help our participants stay connected and stay well.

Since the beginning of lockdown we have suspended Street Outreach due to the lack of people on the streets needing support, and the strict government guidelines at that time. However, now that some time has passed since lockdown was initially set in motion, we are seeing far more people begging and sleeping on the streets. As the lockdown restrictions ease and our situation progresses, we are establishing ways we can safely and effectively support these people in this time.

Lastly, it is still the vision of Street Connect to continue to connect with people. So we are going everything within our means to allow us to do this, but this current climate is difficult and our funding is very limited. If you would like to partner with us in supporting this work, you can do this by giving to our Covid-19 campaign (below). 

This page will be updated regularly to ensure this information is as current as possible.

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