At Street Connect we believe that everyone has worth, and we are passionate about supporting people to uncover that worth and build lives free from the challenges of addiction, homelessness and poor mental health.

Street Connect has a vision to see individuals who have been marginalised through life-controlling issues fulfilling their potential as valuable members of society. We believe that everyone has a God-given worth and seek to help those who are less advantaged in society to find and embrace that worth. Help us achieve our vision now.

Street Connect run a range of services making initial connections with people, building those relationships, and then providing aftercare support in the recovery period. By supporting individuals wherever they are on their journey, our aim is to help them find their true purpose and seek their God-given potential.

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With the death rate on drug misuse only rising in Scotland, we believe it is crucial that we are present to support individuals in need of help, and through relationship, build lives that are free from these difficulties.

The need is here right now.

We can only do this with your help.

Every donation we receive supports the work of Street Connect in our communities. From buying a coffee and making that initial connection with someone sleeping rough, to supporting the tenants of our move-on flats to receive skills and training to better equip them for the future. 

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