"Hi my name is Adam. 

Since finishing the Teen Challenge programme, I have moved into the Street Connect Move-On Flat in Glasgow. 

Being in the Street Connect flat has provided for me a crucial environment for my own personal growth, both spiritually and practically, and has enabled me to grow as a young Christian man and to progress in my own personal recovery from addiction. It has also given me the opportunity to volunteer at the Saturday night Street Connect cafe where I am able to offer encouragement to those still trapped in addiction. 

Being in a Move-On Flat at Street Connect has also helped me to settle back into normal life living within a community context because I have been assigned a support worker who helps and supports me to keep progressing in my life. 

My hope for the future is to keep progressing in my relationship with the Lord, but to also go into full time employment where I am able to support people who are in a similar situation to what I was in."

See more about Adam's journey in this video with volunteer Glasgow: