Our Mission

To offer hope and opportunity of recovery for individuals disadvantaged by addiction and associated issues including homelessness and poor mental health.

Our Vision

Empowered Churches. Transformed Lives. Revitalised Communities.

Releasing God given potential in disadvantaged lives through the mobilised local church.

Our Values

FAITH - in the leading, provision and transformative power of Jesus Christ underpins all our activities.

WORTH - every individual has immeasurable value and should be encouraged and supported to grow towards the fulfilment of their God-given potential.

INTEGRITY - we are committed to the principles of honesty, transparency and authenticity in all we do.

RELATIONSHIP - we are passionate about developing authentic relationships and partnerships.

SERVANTHOODa commitment to sacrificial service at all levels of the organisation, both internally and externally.

GROWTH - a commitment to continual improvement, ongoing development and increasing our professional excellence and reach across all activities and for all our workers.