Have you ever considered leaving a legacy towards a cause you are passionate about?

Here at Street Connect we are passionate about seeing lives being transformed. You could leave a lasting legacy in your will to help us continue to see lives being transformed and people being set free from a variety of life controlling issues.

After considering those closest to you when planning your will, you may want to leave something to help reach and support some of the most hurting and vulnerable people in our communities.

Street Connect has ambitious plans to work across broken communities across the UK in partnership with the local church. Any lasting contribution you could leave would leave a lasting legacy in the lives of many broken and hurting individuals, helping us to see them fulfilling their God given potential.

What options do I have?

You could leave a legacy to Street Connect in your will by considering one of the three below options:

  • A fixed sum
  • A share of your estate - a % share or a fixed sum
  • A specific item or asset

Please consult your solicitor to help you decide what is best for you. If you have never considered or created a will, you will need to consult with a solicitor to create a will. You can also amend your existing will.

No gift in your will would be considered too small and, as Street Connect is a registered charity, any gift is exempt from inheritance tax. Again, please speak to your solicitor for further advice.

You can also contact us to find out more information about leaving a gift in your will to Street Connect.