Many UK Charities rely on gifts in wills, also known as a legacy, to fund their core work. At Street Connect, we are asking if you will stand alongside us and help us fulfil our vision to release vulnerable people from the bonds that hold them and find freedom by leaving us a gift in your will. 

A gift in your will provides Street Connect with vital funds for realising our ambition. We want to work to rebuild broken communities across the UK in partnership with local churches. One person can help so many more people and enable us to fulfil our vision of helping broken, hurting individuals and see them realise their God-given potential. 

By leaving a gift in your will you are securing a future for Street Connect. Once you have considered your nearest and dearest, please consider us. Your money is an investment in the future of so many. 


A gift in your will could be: 

  • A fixed sum 
  • A share of your estate - a % share or a fixed sum 
  • A specific item or asset 

Your solicitor can help you decide what is best for you and how to include Street Connect in your will via the above methods. If you have never considered or created a will, you will need to consult with a solicitor to create a will. You can also amend your existing will.  

You are not obligated to tell us about your intentions and no gift is too small. As Street Connect is a registered charity, any gift is exempt from inheritance tax.  Please speak to your solicitor for further advice. 

You can also contact us to find out more information about leaving a gift in your will to Street Connect.