"My past situation was if I didn’t start to detox down from my methadone I was left with 3 options:




I was already on my last chance from court as I had the tag on 2 times, the next time was jail. The way I was going with crack cocaine I was going to kill myself with it. So I decided rehab. I’ve come from 75mls down to 40mls. I’ve got another 10mls to go and then I’m away into rehab.

My current situation is I’ve had my application and interview for rehab down at Wales, I’m giving up my house, I’ll be away from my family for 11 months but it’s well worth it.

I’m getting my life back, and I am so blessed that Julie and Angela at Street Connect have helped me with that. Watch this space.

For the future I am looking forward to being free of the methadone, staying clean having the life that I should have had. Be the mother that I should have been. Doing things like going on holiday with my children and enjoying it, unlike the last time I was ill and really sick because I didn’t take my methadone with me. And fixing my relationship with my partner and family members."