Give up, give away for Street Connect this Lent 

People we help are in dire need. They come to us when they are at rock bottom seeking a way out, a new direction. Time and again we hear from participants that they had given up hope. By showing them the love Jesus commands us to, we can helpAll of our services and interventions are free at the point of use. We fundraise for all of our income and your donation could secure peace, hope and transformation for people today. Without the types of services we provide, people will continue to suffer and die on our streets.

But you can help us fix this. 

Lent is traditionally a time when many of us choose to make a sacrifice, to give up something we love, often a favourite food or drink. It needn’t be a big sacrifice, but giving up something can allow us space to think about what we can give away.  

Here at Street Connect, we are asking you to go on a journey with us through lent where we reflect on how the act of giving something up can give us room to give away in exchange. It’s as simple as that, keep the cash you might have spent on whatever you have chosen to give up and save it throughout Lent #giveupgiveaway 

Whatever you can give away to Street Connect, we will use for good to connect with people and bring hope. #giveupgiveaway this Lent and help us prevent more deaths on the streets from addiction. 

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