"Growing up in Fraserburgh I seen things I should have never seen, I became angry and started to lash out. At School I was told I was stupid as I struggled to write down what was in my head, I knew what I wanted to write but it was like the information couldn’t go from my head to my hand, this made me so frustrated and I started to fight with the other kids which helped me release my anger and frustration. I started to get a reputation as a fighter and would organise fights between rival football teams. I then started to use temgesic for a few months, then one day I couldn’t get any and someone offered me Heroin and before I knew it I was hooked and my life starting to spiral out of control.

I moved down to Glasgow and lived in Possil for ten years, one day I walked into Street Connect’s Drop in, in Possil and I smelled something different, it was life not death. I started to get the help I needed. I then went away to a Christian rehabilitation centre in England to deal with my addiction and all the others issues I was having. There God broke me and very gently started to put me back together again. God then brought me back to Glasgow and opened the door for me to move into one of Street Connect’s Move-On flats.

I now volunteer with Street Connect at the Clydebank project which gives me the opportunity to reach out to others with the same love I received myself. I am so grateful to God for giving me this chance to live again and using Street Connect as the vehicle to reveal His love for me."