Before the pandemic we were in a national drug death emergency, and the pandemic has made this worse; even more people are falling through the cracks and not accessing support services. Stable lifestyles are even harder to maintain. The work we are carrying out is even more vital than before. We need to act now to prevent more deaths. Will you help us fight for a better future? 

A cup of tea. A friendly conversation. Simple acts of kindness and compassion are at the heart of our daily work at Street Connect reaching out to people every day who have experienced addiction or life-controlling issues. Every day, our staff and volunteer teams offer hope in these situations. Hope for a better future. Your gift can help us stand alongside our participants and meet them with companionship and connection. 

Despite the enormous challenges brought to our communities by the pandemic we remain active and committed to building a better, safer future for all of our participants. We’ve been running community recovery groups on Zoom, providing one-to-one support, referrals to rehabilitation programmes and move-on housing. In the last year we have supported over 800 people who otherwise might have been isolated. Our work provides vital, long-term support in the face of these uncertain times. Street Connect exists to improve lives. Will you stand with us and fight for a better future today? 

This fight is only possible with your support. Together we strive for a better world. Our work is built on a solid foundation of our shared faith and the belief in the transformative powers of faith and new hope. Your support can bring hope into the lives of those who need it most. Please give today and bring hope where there is darkness.