My life was once very different to the life I lead today. For 18 years I led a life of addiction my drug of choice was heroine but to be honest I loved all drugs - but with that lifestyle came great comedowns that I found really hard to deal with. So I would take valium and temazepam to ease that horrible feeling, I loved the feeling these so called downers gave me, this then lead to heroine and at first I didn't like it but tried it again and loved it and that became my life for years and years. 

In that time my father died in a tragic accident which I now see as a great traumatic event in my life. This led me to go to the depths of hell with heroine as my only way of relief from dealing with the pain, I then found myself in a very abusive relationship, looking back I think I was just trying to find a male father-like figure to fill the void, but it just led to a very dark life of utter nothingness.  

In 2010 I entered hope house, a Christian rehab and met Julie there. When I came back home Julie was also living in Greenock, and then she moved away and started Street Connect. They asked me to volunteer from the start of the ministry but I was in a relationship and was starting to go off the rails and go on my own journey that was not of God and all of me - you see, I had a beautiful relationship with God but my partner took centre stage in my life and we tried to do things our way which didn't end up too well, but God is faithful and after years of trying to following God's plan and going back to my plans I finally surrendered my life fully to him. 

In 2017 I relapsed after my partner left and I had a nervous breakdown, but in that place of brokenness God began a great work in me and in 2019 I met with Julie and she saw potential in me, as that is the heart of Street Connect - it takes people like me who need a bit of guidance, love and encouragement, and they give us that and more. Street Connect is a place I feel excepted and loved, it's a place that challenges me in all the right ways, it's a place that teaches me and a place I can totally move in my giftings. I have found great growth in my spiritually and naturally I feel like it's my family's workplace and we all work together for the good of the family business. We are in this together for the work of God will never stop, we are in the family business as God's people to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to go to the brokenhearted and tell them of His hope and a place they can also come and be part of a family, and that place is Street Connect. I have written this from my heart. No fancy words just telling my story and how I am that 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance. I am the girl that didn't give up and street connect helped me and have given me a chance to have a great career and a bright new future.