If service users are looking to detox from certain substances within the community, we work in partnership with a medically professional Christian organisation called Keys Community Detox to provide medically assisted community detox. Their programme includes ongoing support before, during and after the detox.  


Anyone wishing to access the Community Detox service must be aware that they must have certain 'recovery capital' to be able to access the service. This means that the potential client:

  • must not be actively in a relationship with someone who is currently in addiction and not themselves looking to break free from this addiction;
  • must have stable accommodation;
  • must be working towards a certain level of drug use or medication before being 'detox ready';
  • must be attending regular support groups and one to one support.

Would you like to consider a Community Detox?

If you feel you or someone you are supporting is ready for detox, or at least in a position to be working towards the above requirements, then you can make a referral here.

Make a referral