Our Building Freedom program is about helping individuals to find freedom from a variety of life controlling issues such as: various addictions, poor mental health, homelessness and loneliness and isolation.

This stage of support is about moving beyond relationship building and helping people to move towards breaking free from issues that have held them back for sustained periods of time. 

We present beneficiaries with options in the following areas:

One-to-one Support

Street Connects one–to–one support provides opportunity for beneficiaries to share what is happening in their lives and find support in a relaxed and confidential environment. One to one support starts with informal support through to formal assessment and continues through structured key-work support on an ongoing basis to provide meaningful help for people dealing with a range of mental health, addiction related and practical issues.

One beneficiary said this about our one-2-one support:

Good to have both group work activities and also one-to-one support where you can share things more confidentially.

Rehab Referrals

Some of our service users get all the support they need through our One-To-One support and group work activities. Other individuals require more intensive support over an extended period and residential rehabilitation may be helpful.

Residential rehab is often the best choice for allowing people to break free from certain substances, as many people cannot break free in the community. It provides support for the individual in a caring and loving environment. Here is what one beneficiary said:

Street Connect and their support were instrumental in setting me on the path to recovery from drug addiction without the support of Street Connect I would not be in the position of being drug and alcohol free today. Charlie

We have contact with a number of different Christian residential rehabilitation programs across the UK and we refer our beneficiaries onto the most suitable place to cater for their individual needs and help them towards achieving their goals. 

We use residential rehabilitation centres such as:

Teen Challenge The Haven Kilmacolm The Carpenters Arms Victory Outreach 

Community Recovery Groups

Our Community Recovery Groups are holistic recovery groups using the Bio, Psycho, Social, Spiritual model to recovery, with the spiritual aspect of the model coming from the Christian perspective. We have a variety of teachings we can use to offer participants the best possible opportunity to successfully break free from their various addictions and life controlling issues. 

The group work keeps [me] on the right path. - Group participant

We have a mixed group of participants including those just showing an interest in recovery, those thinking about residential rehab, those currently in recovery and those resettling back into community after a time in residential rehab.

Bringing this support to your community?

If you would like to request further information and discuss further with a member of our team about the possibility of starting a Building Freedom program to support people in your local community, please complete the partnership enquiry form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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