Here is a blog about Street Connect and the work that we do.

For me what I like about this approach is that we are not forcing people to listen to us tell them the 'good news' that they may not be ready to hear or digest. However, we do offer 'good news' - that may be, a cup of tea and a hot pie, for someone hungry, or it may just be encouraging the person that there is hope for a better tomorrow for him or her. For me, the message of the 'good news' of the power of Jesus Christ to transform a life normally comes later, after we have built a positive and strong relationship with those who engage with us.

There is a participant who has been engaging with us for around eight months. This individual has asked me, "Why do you do this for me?" or words to this effect. When I hear things like this, I realise we are within Street Connect doing something right. Often people need to see we care before they will ever hear what we say.

This blog post was written by Kathryn Thomson, Communications Officer at Street Connect.