Give the Gift of Connection This Christmas 

2020 was a year that challenged each and every one of us, nobody leftuntouched or unmoved by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, which has ripped through our society and communities, changing our lives and shifting our landscapes. Here at Street Connect our goals and priorities remain the same: strengthened by the unparalleled increase in need, we provide the opportunity to connect with others, offering hope and light in the form of outreach, one-to-one meetings, move-on flats and groupwork.   

Frank, resident in one of our move-on flats, continues to benefit from the support we can offer him, the chance to make friends, learn new skills and help gain employment. Life hasn’t been easy for Frank. He is making massive steps towards independence and embracing life, but without the continuing support of our staff, he’d be telling a different story.  

“My life was a shambles, I had no hope for my life. I was unemployable, unlovable. I was in desperate need of love. I needed help but first I needed hope. Street Connect saved my life” 

Accountability and company are vital for Frank. Your Gift of Connection can make a difference in someone's life today. 

Just £25 could allow us to connect with someone today.


Get Involved

We've created a reflective walk as part of this campaign for anyone to take part in! Check out info Here