The current circumstances around COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our culture is massive. Stand with us to support the vulnerable people we work with.

As the situation is currently changing so rapidly, we cannot say for sure the kind of support we are able to offer our participants. Currently (20/03/2020), we have closed all our drop-in cafes and community groups but are still able to offer one-to-one appointments to those in need and are working on staying in contact those who are vulnerable and isolated from their community.

We recognise that this is not an easy time for anyone, least of all those who are alone, have or are struggling with addiction, already struggle with social isolation and people who don’t have a permanent home. The vulnerable people we support are now even more vulnerable without their communities around them and the support that they receive from charities locally. We are not the only charity working with vulnerable groups who have been affected by these circumstances in this way, so the amount of loss of contact and support is bigger than just usSo let us be clear: we are still doing everything we safely can to support our participants.  

This is where you come in. We fully understand the large amounts of fear and uncertainty for everyone because of the coronavirus epidemic, but if you could spare any amount of money, you could help us support someone today. Help reach out to someone who feels especially alone and in danger, help provide necessities for someone self-isolating, help provide a bit more safety to someone sleeping rough.   

These are tough and unprecedented times, but we recognise that is important – now more than ever – to stand as a community. To unite to protect those who are vulnerable. To show love, for love is the antidote to fear. 

Please stand with us now to support those who need it the most.