Aftercare Support

Our Aftercare Support includes volunteering opportunities, recovery support and we have move-on accommodation too. Read more

Community Recovery Groups

Our Community Recovery Groups are holistic recovery groups using the Bio, Psycho, Social, Spiritual model to recovery. Read more

Community Detox

Our Community Detox program is provided in partnership with Keys Community Detox and allows people to detox from substances in their community when that is a more appropriate option for them. Read more

Residential Rehab

Residential Rehab is often the best choice for allowing people to break free from certain substances. It provides support for the individual and encourages them to reach their goals. Read more

One-To-One Support

Our One-To-One consultations provide more direct support that aims to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual. Read more

Drop-in Cafes

Street Connect's Drop-in cafes are part of our initial engagement program and are often a first point of contact for many of our service users. Read more