Advent is upon us, the calendars are up and the candles will be burning down marking the familiar themes of faith, hope, peace and joy that mark the season. Christmas is around the corner and nothing will stop us from celebrating the birth of Christ together – Christmas 2020 isn’t cancelled, just different. This has been an extraordinary year for all of us, the time we have spent apart from loved ones and being distanced has taken its toll and the journey we’re on is making us weary. It’s important to take comfort from the knowledge that we’re together and united in our fears and worries but also in our jubilance and joy of the season. 

Mary and Joseph journeyed through hostile habitats when Mary was heavily pregnant, and undoubtedly weary. They were subject to the immutable laws of the land. They are said to have walked 10 miles a day through rough ground; it was cold and wetand they were “wild” camping, as we’d say now. Her courage as she sat on the donkey is remarkable; knowing that she carried on is something we all can take strength from now. She brought the Son of God into the world in a cold, draughty stable on a dark night.  

What came next transformed the world. The love brought to earth in that moment of birth has indelibly marked our lives. We can mark this incarnation whether or not we’re able to worship in church or eat Christmas lunch together, as at its centre, Christmas is about recalling the birth of Christ and how we bring that light, hope and joy into our hearts and homes every day. We can all light a candle and reflect on our own journeys.  

Please share in the true spirit of the season this Christmas, and show solidarity and love to those trudging, scared and cold on the path beside us. Our Christmas appeal has officially launched! Help us give connection to those who are isolated by life controlling problems this Christmas. Click here to donate.


This blog post was written by Catriona Yates, Individual Giving and Legacy Fundraiser at Street Connect.