Facing the Pandemic Together

A year into this pandemic we continue to strive to bring hope and light into the lives all whom we serve. We appreciate your decision to stand with us and support the most vulnerable people in our society. 

Since March last year all of our drop-in cafes and community groups have been shut. Now we offer one-to-one support, food parcels, essential shopping/prescription pick ups and Zoom meetings including Bible study and recovery groups. We are also reaching out in person to those who still face the usual and the more unusual pandemic dangers on the street. The dangers of drug addiction are rife and we want to connect with as many people as possible in the areas where we work. Your support and prayers are so important for our outreach staff and our volunteers at this time.

We recognise that this has been an incredibly hard time for many people. There have been times of great sadness, frustration and isolation. We don't want to neglect anyone who is struggling with addiction, social isolation or sleeping rough at this time or any time. Loss of face-to-face contact has been mitigated a little by the use of mobile phones and technology but we still seeking to support people through this loss felt by so many. We are still doing everything that is permissible and safe to support our participants. Will you support us in this work?

As the country moves forward together and our routines become more settled, please do consider where Street Connect fits into that reality - can you give a one off donation now or afford to give a monthly gift? Can you provide a slot at your church service for a virtual speaker? Or could you take part in a socially distant fundraising event?  Let's work together to eliminate fear, show God's endless love and push away the sadness. With your support we can reach out and provide support, safety and solace. 

These are tough and unprecedented times, it is important – now more than ever – to stand as a community. To unite to protect those who are vulnerable. To show love, for love is the antidote to fear. 

Please stand with us now to support those who need it the most. Every gift makes a difference.

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